[[File:Measured Survey by Ambit Surveys.jpg|thumb|St. Pancras Chambers in London is Measured and Drawings Produced By Ambit Surveys]] google-site-verification: googlefee28d77c20c879d.html

Measured Survey in North London by Surveyors from Ambit Surveys

Updated: Jun 21

Accurate Drawings by Chartered Surveyors: Floor Plans, Elevations and Sections were produced from the registered point cloud.


E-mail: office@ambitsurveys.com

Tel.: 02080 580412

Because of our expert knowledge in HD laser scanning, in every one of our surveys, 360° laser scans are always accurately and coherently linked to each other and brought into a common reference grid system. Aligned - registered they form one accurate 3D Measurement Point Cloud, which is used to create our 2D drawings or 3D BIM models.

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